How To Be Authentic In Business

Recently I was asked to speak at a women’s group about ‘how to be authentic in your business’. Now, I can’t say that I have ever sat down and thought about this topic in particular, but apparently these women believed me to be authentic in my business, because they all came together and specifically chose this for me to present.

After scratching my head for days, 10 to be exact, I finally told myself to just sit down and write about this topic like I would in a journal. Even still, I was having trouble with telling women “How to Be Authentic”… Am I even authentic? Because some days I feel like I am putting on a different hat, trying to keep my business thriving and my head above water.

Every time I thought specifically about authenticity in business, it brought me right back to authenticity in one’s self. Because, how can you be authentic in business, if you can’t even be authentic with yourself? So, hopefully this resonates with women (and men) who feel they aren’t being their true, authentic selves.

Love What You Do.

Loving what you do incites passion, which fires up one’s true self and lifts the soul! I know that might sound a little hippy-ish, but seriously. Every person I have met that works towards their passion has been truly inspiring to me and for many different reasons. Sometimes it’s the risk they took to follow their dreams, or how their eyes light up about what they do when you ask them, or simply just how happy and content they are in their everyday life… If you’re response to me is “Well, its unrealistic that everyone can work in their passion and still be able to pay their bills..” then my response to you is… Don’t be so naive to think that you’re not worthy enough for the universe to work towards achieving your needs, emotionally and financially.

If you don’t love what you do, and you’re hell-bent on not being able to leave your job (*cough* FEAR *cough), then find something you love on the side that you can get involved with. Then every person you meet is a potential partner, sponsor, or supporter for what you do love.

Have a Motivation Other Than Money.

This doesn’t mean go off and form a non-profit, it means set goals for yourself that aren’t based on money. Then you see people as people, not as dollar signs. I promise, this mentality will get you further.

For Example : Instead of “Jill [current client] is going to make me $4000!!!” try thinking, “Jill is going to be my 32nd customer this year out of my 100 customer goal!”

Your focus is on gaining customers now, not making money.

Think About What You Can Give AND What You Should Receive.

If you always give and never ask to receive, I PROMISE you’ll get burnt out and run yourself down. People might also take advantage of this expected behavior, which could result in bitterness and resentment.

Try asserting yourself into making your clients responsible for something. It not only takes stress off of you, but it allows your relationship to start building a trust bond. It’s no longer an “ Oh, I know Sally will take care of everything..” … It transforms into an  “I need to get this to Sally so she can do her job to the best of her ability” . That also allows for your client to feel proud of their work and make them want to work with you again.

Learn Who You Are.

It’s not enough anymore to “pretend” to be the person you want to be perceived as. You want your clients to be genuine with you? Then you need to offer them the same in return. If you own who you are, you will attract clients and relationships that fit into YOUR mold, rather than trying to fit into everyone else’s mold, which could be WAY too many hats to remember.

Start Reading More Self-Help Books And Less “How To Be Better At Your Job” Books.

Yup! I said it! That nasty little curse word..”Self-Help”… Oh I can hear the shrills now. Run! Run as fast as you can!

Hogwash… Stop running away from learning your true potential! What are you afraid of? That people will judge you as “one of ‘those’ people”.. Who gives a floppy fudge? Let those people suck at their jobs and be miserable in their lives and relationships.. YOU my friend, you are different. (Or you wouldn’t have clicked on this post).. So just think about that.

I promise you want to mold yourself and allow your clients to fit into your mold, not the other way around. So start digging deep into yourself. Who knows, you might figure out #1 of this lesson (Love What You DO) and make THAT your career…

Ok.. so, I am not a life coach, although sometimes I think I should be. I am not a rocket scientist; I am not even a millionaire that can tell you all my secrets. What I can guarantee is that I AM genuine. I own who I am and I wont work with clients that take pieces of my soul [purposefully or sub-consciously]. I genuinely enjoy what I do, even though I struggle everyday mentally and emotionally with the challenges of being a female entrepreneur. Everyday I wake up… it’s still worth it. No matter how many pints of ice cream I eat… I still manage to hike my ass to the gym and work towards being a better me.

That’s how you stay authentic in everything that you do… Consistently keep working towards the better version of you.

Books to read and People to Follow that might help with this journey:

The Big Leap – Gay Hendricks

Inspired and Unstoppable: Wildly Succeeding In Your Life’s Work – Tama Kieves

You Are A Badass- Jen Sincero

#GirlBoss- Sophia Amaruso