Your Clients Want A Fabulous Design and We Can Help!

If you are one of our many clients who aren’t an Interior Design firm, then this email is for you! Trust Me, I know about stereotypical design struggles and the countless hours it takes to go over material after material… Just to see the same material again the next time you meet and figure out that the client no longer likes it. I get it; for our general contractors, developers and builders, the general consensus is to be very hands off with the design process. But, your clients still need it! Your projects still need flooring, cabinets and plumbing fixtures and your time is still just as valuable!

Fear not, Ardrel not only specializes in drafting, but we also specialize in design. See, we all went through the same struggle. We would get a handful of clients and then we would get bogged down. If we weren’t bogged down by the drawings, then we were bogged down by the design: picking our materials, shopping, and educating our clients why although marble looks great in a shower, it might not be the best choice if you hate cleaning. We have dealt with the worst of the worst [Margarita Friday’s in the office helps us with those clients] and now… we consider ourselves experts. Not only are we experts in design, but we are experts in helping our clients, virtually. It’s a thing 😀

Virtual Design can be a scary thing for a business owner. We get it! And to be honest, we struggled 2 years ago when we first started offering this option, but as time went on, we got more organized, more efficient and more badass. Now, it’s a quintessential part of our company. It gives hundreds of hours of time back to our clients, so they can make time for their families or even growing their business.

The process is this:

  • Send us your dimensions
  • Take photos at your initial consult
  • Send us a brief description of materials and styles your client would like to incorporate into their project.
  • (If you want to cheat a little…) Ask them to have an inspiration page set up on Houzz or Pinterest and we can look directly at that!

Once we receive that data, we are off to the races. Finishing your CAD or 2020 Layout and pairing it with a complete palette of design finishes for you client to review. If you really want to make your life easier, let us order the products for you! That’s right, you heard me… We can order all your materials, including cabinets, and have them shipped right to your client’s door! See what I meant when I said Badass? We are truly designed [haha.. get it?] to be your one-stop-shop.

Can’t wait to hear from you soon!